Frequently Asked Questions.

Where are you located?

We are off of Fruitville Road in Sarasota, East of Interstate 75. Head East on Fruitville Road for about 4 miles and head North at the intersection for Sarasota Center Boulevard. Our road, Blaikie Court, is on the right-hand side. We highly recommend using GPS to get to our location as it is slightly confusing if you have not come this way before.


Is there a place I can wait or do I need to drop off my vehicle?
We have a small waiting room inside our office with free Wi-Fi and outdoor seating if you would like to wait for your vehicle to be done. You may also drop your vehicle off before your appointment time and we will call you when it is completed. We have a drop box for after hours drop off as well. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM. For drop off service, we ask that your paperwork be completed and signed prior to drop off. (Please note: large key fobs do not fit in the drop box slot)


When you get a chip repair done on your windshield, does it really stop it from spreading?
If completed correctly by a qualified specialist and with the correct tools, the chip repair may last forever. However, chips in glass do not always completely disappear. Sometimes a small scar may still be visible.
How long does it take to repair or replace a windshield?
Chip repairs typically take about 30 minutes to complete per chip. For a full windshield replacement, it can take up to an hour to remove and replace the glass. We quote about an hour and a half total if recalibration of your vehicle’s advanced safety system is needed as well.
Will my insurance rates increase if I file a claim?
Each insurance company is different. Please refer to your insurance company or agent for an accurate answer.
Will you replace my windshield at my home or at work?
Yes, we offer mobile services to Manatee and Sarasota counties, but we are unable to go onto the islands. However, some vehicles require recalibration of the advanced safety system and cannot be done mobile. We will let you know if your vehicle is one that can be done at your home or work or if we need to invite you to our shop.
Can you file the windshield claim for me to my insurance company?
Insurance companies require the policyholder to report damages to their vehicle. We can certainly help facilitate this conversation through a 3-way phone call. However, you may also call and report the claim on your own, or through your insurance company’s mobile app on your phone.
Is my vehicle still safe to drive with a crack in it?
Windshields are laminated glass which means it is two layers of glass with lamination between them. This lamination is designed to act as a safety net if something large is to hit the windshield. If you have a crack or chip in your windshield, most often you should still be able to drive your vehicle until you are able to have it replaced, but please be careful as cracks can be distracting.
What is the difference between OEM glass and aftermarket glass?
Aftermarket glass has the same likeness and quality as OEM glass, but may be manufactured by a different company. OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer glass comes with the logo of the brand vehicle imprinted on the glass. Aftermarket glass will show the logo of the company that manufactured that glass.
Can you take care of the recalibration as well or do I have to take my vehicle to the dealership too?
We offer recalibration services on almost all makes and model vehicles. We use the Autel recalibration tool which brings your vehicle back to factory specifications for the advanced safety system. We will let you know if you will be required to bring your vehicle to the dealership.
Why does my car have to be recalibrated after my windshield has been replaced?
Some vehicles have advanced safety systems that are designed to prevent accidents. Removing the damaged glass will require this camera system to be reprogrammed back to the vehicle. These features may include Lane Departure Warning System, and Forward Collision Alert. Recalibration of these features after the windshield gets replaced is recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle and is required to ensure these features work properly.
Do you offer a warranty?
Labor is warranted by Blue Ribbon Auto Glass for the lifetime of that glass so long as you are the owner of that vehicle. All parts are warranted by the manufacturer. Warranty periods may vary depending on the manufacturer. We cannot warrant new damage to glass.
What if I have a tint on my windshield?
Some windshields come with a tint shade at the top. We try our best to match the vehicle’s tint to what it had from the factory. If you have a tint shade at the top of your windshield that was added onto the glass, that will need to be redone after you have your windshield replaced. If you have a medical waiver that allows your entire windshield to be tinted, that will also need to be redone after the windshield gets replaced. Blue Ribbon Auto Glass does not do any sort of tinting. Please speak directly to your insurance company if you are requesting reimbursement for this cost.
What is the qualification to have a chip repaired versus a full replacement?
We can attempt chip repairs that are not in the driver’s line of vision, smaller than the size of about a quarter, and are not touching any of the black in the windshield. To determine if a chip is in the line of vision, imagine putting a large pizza box in front of where the driver sits. If the chip falls within that area, it would not be able to be repaired. If the chip is in any of the black areas of the glass or black dots, that glass has ceramic embedded within it and applying pressure to attempt a repair may cause the chip to spread. Please keep in mind that repaired chips do not always completely disappear. Often a scar is left behind where the chip was previously.

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